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... is so amazing i almost don't have the words. I've been playing pretty much non-stop since i got it last week. There's so much to see and do here, i've given up on my idea of writing what my character does for now to just play. Fighting my first dragon was terrifying but brilliant, and the feeling that i got when i killed it is indescribable. There are even werewolves! I've decided to work on the Blacksmithing skill for a while, hopefully i will soon be able to craft Dragon Armor. I'm surprised at how far my character has come in a week. Over level 30, and 17 dragon kills to her name. I love just wandering the land, seeing what random things the game will throw at me.


26 days left.

I finally put a £20 deposit on Skyrim collectors edition. I can't wait. Never in my life have i felt such.... anticipation. It feels like i'm waiting to go home. It's going to be amazing. I'm going to make potions. Forge weapons and armor. Slay Dragons! I'm going to shut myself away, and just not care, because i'll be where i belong.

I love writing here. I can say all these crazy things, where no-one knows me, and no-one cares.


Well that was exciting...

Just had a drunk Polish guy wander into the house and come upstairs. Luckily i was still up, so when i heard him crashing around downstairs and then staggering up here, i grabbed my seax and a stanley knife. He looked somewhat surprised to A - find someone in the house and B -  find them armed. I started yelling for my housemate, and this dude backed off toward the spare room. Called the police as my friend herded him outside, where the arsehole then proceeded to try and get into my friend's car. What the poor bastard didn't realize is that me and my friend are Viking re-enactors, so when a sword and an axe were brandished at him he decided to keep away. The surprising thing was he wouldn't leave. He just hung around on the street claiming the car was his until the police arrived. I didn't know my housemate had forgot to lock the front door before going to bed. Needless to say, that will be checked every night from now on....

Apparently, there was a warrant out for his arrest since '07, so the police were more than happy to take him away.

There was no way i'm going to post this on Facebook. My dad will freak his shit if he finds out, and demand that i move back in with him. And i'm still too wired to sleep.



Seriously hyperventilating right now! Only a couple of months until Skyrim, and i'm still trying to scrape the money together to buy it. I'm upset i won't be able to get the collectors edition (DRAGON!), but at £130, it's just too damn expensive. Not to mention i have to save up for Mass Effect 3 a mere four months later. FOUR!

I'm still trying to decide whether to leave the viking re-enactment group i'm with. I just don't really feel i belong there anymore. It's my fault i stayed away so long, i know that, but i really shouldn't be involved in any sort of combat if i'm unable to control myself. There's a part of me that revels in inflicting pain upon others, and i'll be damned if i'm going to let other people see it. I'm just terrified of hurting people i care about.

I've been moved out of my dad's house for about a month now. Things are ok, i guess. They guy i share the house with... well i'll just skip over that bit. The landlord's a bit of a douche, he's cut so many corners in this place. At least my room is almost twice the size of my old one. I've got more wall space for my posters, i'm having trouble deciding where to put them all. At least my Within Temptation ones are up :) I'm going to get some bookshelves, so i can unpack all my books. I just have a few out for now.

Having regular access to the internet again is fantastic! I've been using Stumbleupon loads, and i've been able to take up some of the online games i used to play again. Research is a lot easier to do now. I've been thinking of setting up an altar to Artemis, but have to know what i'm doing first. I don't need to invite more negative energy into my life right now.

I feel happier in an of myself right now. I have a few worries, like trying to get a job. Things are... ok.

The pessimist in me can't help but wonder what will come along and bring everything crashing down around me this time, though.


 Went into Rockaboom to pick up the copy of The Unforgiving i pre-ordered. Was told their delivery had been delayed until tomorrow.



Desktop/Wallpaper Meme

 This is stolen from seven_3_oh

+ Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
+ Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
+ Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

Desktop Meme

I'm a total LotS crazy!fan, and after discovering a whole load of MAHOOSIVE pics on /wg/, i totally had to use it. *Feeling the Cara Love* ^_^


Writer's Block: Me, myself, and I

Which one word would you use to describe yourself, and why?

Epic!fight was epic!

 Finally finished Dragon Age: Origins! My god, the Archdemon's death scene was so effing awesome! I was breathless after my victory lap around the house. When the realization that it was over hit me, i was so upset! I'd spent months of my life on this game, and i just didn't want it to end. I was empty. This was easily remedied the next day, when i went and bought the expansion, Awakening. Took me a day and a half of almost solid play to complete, but ramming my sword down the Broodmother's throat was soo worth it. I was kinda pissed that i couldn't continue my characters relationship with Leliana (the woman of my dreams is nothing but pixels. Story of my life, really) I now have to wait until March for the sequel.

Guess what month my brithday falls in? :P

At least Fable 3 will be available soon. 

In other news, i may actually be selling some of my paintings next month! The Darkside Cafe (my fave cafe in leicester) is holding a craft fair, so i've booked a table. The owner looked impressed with the couple that i showed her, so hopefully other people will be, and will want to buy them! I kinda need the money so i can go see my fave band on thier next UK tour. So excited!


Oh my Gods, where do i start!

I'm going to be an Aunty! I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around the whole thing! Everyone is taking it ok, no yelling or crying, so that's cool at least. I don't think my brother knows how much his world is going to change. No more weightlifting at expencive gyms, lol.

The rest of my life is pretty much unchanged. Searching for a job is still a drag. No qualifications = no-one wants to employ you. Guess i just gotta keep my chin up and keep plodding on. *sigh* At least it gives me time to finish Dragon Age Origins :P

I'm now saving up to go see Within Temptation on their next UK tour, after having a nightmare that this album they're working on will be their last. Not a nice feeling at all, i love that band to bits!

D&D tonight. Looking forward to it. Hopefully we wont have another epic fail like last week. First encounter of the campaign and someone died. At least it wasn't my character :D I had a large character death count while playing Temple of Elemental Evil and Tomb of Horrors.

Hmm, computer time is almost up. Gotta go.